05 January 2019

For the protection and longevity of the MCC hockey facility as well as for the safety and enjoyment of all those that use it, the following mandatory rules are in place and must be followed.

  • Access to the hockey pitch is permitted only on confirmed bookings.
  • The surface is strictly for use of hockey-related activities. No other sports or activities will be permitted on the pitch.
  • Only approved personnel by MCC Management may operate any equipment relating to the lighting and irrigation system and strictly no tampering with any facility equipment.
  • No dragging or tugging of furniture & equipment – ensure all furniture & equipment is lifted or wheeled and equipment must be returned to its original location after use. As indicated in diagram below.
  • Players, Coaches, Managers and Officials may only enter the facility through the dugout area through the shoe cleaning trays.
  • Climbing over fences to access the pitch is strictly prohibited.
  • No person is allowed on the surface during watering – this is for the protection of the irrigation system.  All players are to leave the pitch when watering commences, and return only on completion of the watering cycle.
  • No footwear that may cause damage to the hockey pitch is to be worn by any person. 
    (No screw-in studs, large moulded studs, moulded blades or high heels).
  • Clean all footwear before using the surface.
  • Only players, Coaches, Managers, Umpires and Officials are permitted to access the pitch area at any given time.
  • No training exercises may use the top of the main penalty circle area – exercises must use the side practice goals.
  • The fencing and any advertising boards surrounding the pitch are not to be used as hitting boards.
  • All children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Persons must not use the facility when in darkness.
  • Absolutely no spitting is permitted in or around the hockey facilities
  • No smoking or chewing gum is permitted in or around the pitch area.
  • No glass containers to be taken into any exercise area.
  • Do not consume food or liquids other than water in or around the exercise area.
  • No littering – ensure that all rubbish is correctly disposed of in the bins provided.
  • No jewellery allowed whilst participating in any exercise area.
  • No pets or animals are allowed into the pitch are or onto the pitch surface.
  • Report any dirt, debris or damage found to any of the hockey facilities to MCC staff immediately.
  • All the above rules apply to spectators.

 MCC reserves the right to refuse access to any person entering the facility who may have / attempt to break any of the above rules. Recourse shall be taken with any person(s) who are found in contravention of any of these rules.  MCC displays the necessary signage, advising persons of this policy. Other terms and conditions may apply to individual bookings (please see your booking documents for details). Anyone hiring the facility on a casual basis default to these standard rules of use policy.



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